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Castle 53 ft Obstacle Course

Castle 53 ft Obstacle Course


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Product Information:

This Castle Module Obstacle Course 8 In 1 is great activity for any event. Nothing like racing your boss at corporate company picnic, kids at a family reunion or a birthday, or teachers or coach at a school event through an inflatable obstacle course. It is a race between two people where you crawl through, jump over, or climb under obstacles. Two people finish off the race by climbing a stairs and sliding down the slide. First person to make it to the stairs before the slide wins. One person can go down the slide at a time. Great unit if you have many people attending since it gets two people thought it fast and they can get in line again. Great for school events since there are many kids, the line will get moving usually pretty quick. This unit is one of our longest unit which combines 2 units to make one long race. 

This obstacle course offers great open sight lines and the netting is clear and easy to see through. You will have great views of the kids playing inside and be able to easily keep a close eye on them. The slides on our obstacle courses, on both wet and dry units, will have extended landing areas or landing pools. This will keep your kids safe when coming down the slides. Only with Kids Fairyland the best for your parties or events.

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  • 4 In 1 Rainbow Castle Module Combo Double Lane

    Commercial bounce houses are large industrial-grade 4 In 1 Rainbow Castle Module Combo Double Lane on which children & adults can play. They provide hours of entertainment and are perfect for birthday parties, summer shindigs, community gatherings, and more. These castle bounce houses come in various shapes, sizes, and themes. Since they are made for prolonged usage, the quality of materials used is heavy duty. This is what sets them apart from residential bounce houses. They can hold more children at once, too, which is what makes them perfect for large events.

    4 In 1 Rainbow Castle Module Combo Double Lane  combines the delightful joys of bouncing fun with sliding action and is perfect for year-round fun. Adorned with high peaks atop of each pillar, a built-in basketball hoop within the bouncing area and two sliding lanes, this bouncer has everything to delight kids of any age. With its gender-neutral colors and appealing theme, this unit can work for both a boys and girls event alike, allowing for added consumer appeal and the potential to double rental profits.

  • Bumper 4 In 1 Rainbow Castle Module Combo Double Lane

  • Into Pool 4 In 1 Rainbow Castle Module Combo Double Lane

  • Pool 4 In 1 Rainbow Castle Module Combo Double Lane

  • Small Obstacle Course 20 Ft

    This Small Obstacle Course 20 Ft with open air structure to allow comfortable space for all and provides tons of fun along its path to bring joy to every kids. This two lane interactive welcomes riders into its wonderland to explore more fun, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-ups obstacles. Challenging riders to push through a wall of inflated columns and crawl-through tunnels to race up the climbing wall to finish game. The racer who first reaches the end of the obstacle wins.

    The inflatable play structure begins with a front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through tunnels and pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. The challenge obstacle then leads to an exciting front-exiting climb and slide, all to guarantee hours of enjoyable physical activity. Each inflatable play structure has mesh windows for easy viewing.

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