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Super strength, being able to fly, climbing walls, mastering the states of matter, all those powers are some that we have dreamed of since we were children and that has been passed down through generations. What if I told you that it is possible to get your favorite characters from these legendary super heroes and do what they do? The best thing is that your friends can see and share great adventures with you and create new adventures that will be recorded in their memories. Remember that no matter how old you are, if you wish, the super friends you want can visit you on your birthday, event or any celebration you plan. These hero characters will join you and demonstrate to you everything they are capable of doing to have fun and make sure you are the happiest person in the world. We have fantastic live shows, all your favorite Avengers and DC characters for boys and girls go to South Florida. Spiderman Superhero, the young avenger with arachnid powers; Ironman Avenger Superhero, the man of steel who leads this group; Thor Superhero, the God of thunder; Hulk Avenger the most powerful green man; Captain America Superhero along with his shield will protect you from the evil ones; Black Panther Character with his Powerful friend will fight any villain and lastly Captain Marvel, the most beautiful and wanted superhero by girls. We also have DC Superheroes such as Superman who will fly to save you with his super strength, Batman the intelligent superhero character who will come from Gothic city, Green Lantern Character with whom you will have many adventures, Flash Superhero with his speed will come to save you and Wonder Woman the most powerful super girl of all the times. You can hire all our superhero shows her
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