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We are were always told that fairy tales don’t exist, but if I told you that they are closer than you think, would you like to be able to witness one of them? Everyone’s dream is to experience the emotion of a story full of magic, fantasy and love. It is also possible to fight villains that impede peace in the kingdom. Kids Fairyland today opens its doors to bring the characters you dreamed of at your birthday party or event. Princesses and Princess, live a beautiful moment, give joy with amazing stories. They come from the kingdom of Kids Fairyland, for the fun of children and adults, we are a company that wants the best when it comes to sharing true love stories. We have the most beautiful lookalike princesses of all kingdoms and castles, from Ariel the little mermaid who lives under the sea to Elsa from Frozen, the queen with ice powers and her younger sister Anna. We also have the most innocent princess who had a long dream due to eating an apple, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Another beautiful princess, who courageously saved her kingdom is our brave Merida. Another beautiful princess who flew on a magic carpet is Jazmin from Aladdin, and Rapunzel from Tangled, a brave princess with long blonde hair. We also have Cinderella, one of the most beautiful princesses who had the crystal shoes. Another princess who fell in love with a terrible beast is Belle from Beauty and The Beast. In addition, the youngest of all the princesses, with brown hair and eyes, is Princess Sofia The First. Our Sleeping Beauty princess Aurora is also a classic princess awakened by a handsome prince. Another lovely African American princess is Tiana, with her prince that was converted into a frog. The Latin princess, one of the most beautiful in the kingdom, Elena. Finally, there is a beautiful princess who, along with a great friend, had many adventures, Moana the most loved by the little ones with his best friend Maui. All of them will fill your party or event with magic and fantasy, your dream of being a princess will come true. Find all of our princesses here:
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