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From Eggs to Bunnies: The Story of Easter

Do you know how Easter Bunnies come from? The bunny was the first animal to leave the burrows and procreate due to its great reproductive capacity. According to ancient legends, the easter bunny appeared on Easter with a basket full of candy and colorful eggs, where the bunny will hide them for the kids to find the eggs. That’s where the tradition of hiding Easter eggs for children is very popular with the Easter Bunnies. Jumping from one place to another, more adorable than ever, a character worshiped by all, the unique and incomparable Easter bunny, brings many gifts for everyone, the colorful Easter eggs and many more gifts that you can appreciate from beginning to end of the party, you think you can find it somewhere, you will dare to look for it, do not miss the opportunity to have this beautiful character at your party or event. Easter Bunnies will not only be there for meeting, greeting and pictures. They will also help you the kids find the hidden eggs, where they can spend great adventures by playing with them. We have many easter bunnies to choose from. From our most popular Mr. Easter Bunny, who is a playful and elegant look alike bunny to Miss Easter Bunny, who is Mr Easter Bunny’s partner and best friend. Both of these bunnies will be the perfect complement to your easter party or event. For people who are used to the traditional easter bunny, we also have him available at a great price. You can take some photos with them, your friends and family will not forget that great special day together with the Easter Bunnies funniest of all South Florida. Do you want to meet all our Easter characters? Enter here to meet them:
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