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We are were always told that fairy tales don’t exist, but if I told you that they are closer than you think, would you like to be able to witness one of them? Everyone’s dream is to experience the emotion of a story full of magic, fantasy and love. It is also possible to fight villains that impede peace in the kingdom. Kids Fairyland today opens its doors to bring the characters you dreamed of at your birthday party or event.

Princesses and Princess, live a beautiful moment, give joy with amazing stories. They come from the kingdom of Kids Fairyland, for the fun of children and adults, we are a company that wants the best when it comes to sharing true love stories.

We have the most beautiful lookalike princesses of all kingdoms and castles, from Ariel the little mermaid who lives under the sea to Elsa from Frozen, the queen with ice powers and her younger sister Anna. We also have the most innocent princess who had a long dream due to eating an apple, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Another beautiful princess, who courageously saved her kingdom is our brave Merida. Another beautiful princess who flew on a magic carpet is Jazmin from Aladdin, and Rapunzel from Tangled, a brave princess with long blonde hair. We also have Cinderella, one of the most beautiful princesses who had the crystal shoes. Another princess who fell in love with a terrible beast is Belle from Beauty and The Beast. In addition, the youngest of all the princesses, with brown hair and eyes, is Princess Sofia The First. Our Sleeping Beauty princess Aurora is also a classic princess awakened by a handsome prince. Another lovely African American princess is Tiana, with her prince that was converted into a frog. The Latin princess, one of the most beautiful in the kingdom, Elena. Finally, there is a beautiful princess who, along with a great friend, had many adventures, Moana the most loved by the little ones with his best friend Maui. All of them will fill your party or event with magic and fantasy, your dream of being a princess will come true. Find all of our princesses here:

Do you like adventures under the sea? Ariel The Little Mermaid is a beautiful princess who will join you on this special day, Triton’s daughter has beautiful red hair, her costume is made of seashells. Do you want to meet her? Click here: Her best friend is called Sebastian, a funny red crab that is always with her at all times, you can meet him here: You can also hire this handsome prince, the love of Ariel’s life, book him here If you want all the little mermaid characters including the sea witch, we have Ursula, the one who wants to separate Erick from Ariel, hire this villain of the story here To see our live shows, you can book here

Our Little Mermaid characters on an appearance will make you play with a magic tunnel and a cute parachute. They will also dance fun music and laugh with you non stop. Princess Ariel will always be with the birthday girl and together they will be the stars of the party. You can take many photos with them, sing the songs of their movie and believe that you are living on it, you will be another little mermaid with their friends. Princess Ariel will also do a beautiful coronation ceremony for the king or queen of the party, assist you in breaking the pinata and sing the happy birthday to you. We have different special packages that will accommodate your needs, to see and hire our packages click here:

Cinderella is a classic princess with blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes that forgot her crystal shoe at a dance. This princess has a very beautiful light blue dress, white gloves, she wants to tell her beautiful love story, she is charming and very kind with children, she loves animals and always takes care of them, to hire this lookalike princess book here: Princess Cinderella also has a charming prince who picked up the little glass slipper and looked for her nonstop. He is a handsome young man, noble and very elegant, he loves dancing with Cinderella to remember the day they met, do you want to meet Prince Charming? Hire this young handsome prince here: If you want to hire all Cinderella Princess characters so you can have this beautiful story at your birthday party, you can also hire the horrible stepsisters or the evil sisters who made Cinderella’s life impossible, book this villain characters here,  hire Anastasia and book Griselda here

If you want to go above and beyond at your birthday party celebration, Cinderella Live show is incredible, there will be several musicals, all the kids, boys, and girls, will feel like real princesses and princes and your guests will have a magical moment, live incredible entertainment. We have many interactive games, dances, choreographies and accessories for all the nice games. Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming have a special royal presentation that will amuse everyone, and the birthday child will be crowned and announced as the new princess of the day. We have many different shows that can be tailored to your budget, just enter hire and of our Cinderella Show Packages here

Do you want to experience an incredible Hawaiian party? Moana is the perfect princess for this type of party or event, she has sailed several seas to get to Miami, Broward and Palm Beach and wants to tell you about all her adventures that happened right when she meets you. We have the best Princess Moana, she is young and beautiful, she wears a skirt with flowers and an orange shirt with many Hawaiian details, she is very friendly and always super happy. Do you want to hire Princess Moana for your kids’ birthday party or event? Book her here: Princess Moana has a great friend, a very strong demigod named Maui, this Moana Character has many tattoo images on his body that relate to his adventures, Moana and Maui shared many journeys together and will ensure your party is an unforgettable day, do you want to hire our Maui character? Book here:

Kids Fairyland has a fantastic Hawaiian show with princess Moana, Maui and Hawaiian dancers, where they will sing along to the birthday girl the most requested song by everyone, “How Far I´ll Go”. Moana Characters will be accompanied by beautiful Hawaiian dancers who will help them play with the children. Everyone will laugh, play, dance and sing to all the Moana and Maui musicals, they will teach you choreographies and will bring many accessories so that your party or event is the most remembered by all your guests. To hire any of our Moana Live shows, book here

If you are planning on having an elegant party at a banquet hall, KIds Fairyland has the most beautiful and intelligent princess Belle from Beauty and The Beast. Princess Belle is noble and kind and will be the perfect birthday party idea for an elegant birthday party. She has an amazing yellow dress with details that will surprise you, a cute hairstyle with waves and long curly hair. She is always ready to share beautiful moments with your guests; she is very sweet and charming. Hire Princess Belle here She can also attend your party or event with her fearsome Beast if you book here On the other hand, if you want a handsome prince instead of the transformed Beast, who was terribly transformed by an evil witch, you can book the handsome Prince Adam, who is charming and always ready to dance with the birthday girl. Prince Charming has an elegant blue suit with gold details and wears black boots. This Beauty and The Beast Character will be the perfect complement to your birthday party or event, in case you want to book this young prince book here: In addition, we have the villains of the story, Gaston, arrogant and strong, the handsome young man, who wanted to be with the beautiful princess, to book him click here:

Our Beauty and the Beast Live show has many characters, we have them all: Lumiere Character, a castle worker who became a chandelier Mrs. Potts Character,, the castle housekeeper who turned into a kettle with her son Chip. Din Don, worker of the prince who became a clock and many more characters. To hire all the beauty and the beast characters in this fantastic story, book here:

Kids Fairyland also offers the Broadway Show and production for Beauty and Beast princess, where you can see all the characters performing live to this amazing musical. It is a big show and you will be fully delighted. All our characters will play with your friends, you will be able to see the magical moment of the transformation of the prince, the royal dance of Princess Belle and Prince Adam. They will sing and dance your favorite songs, all your guests will be able to take a lot of photos with them and enjoy this incredible production. Hire this fantastic live show and entertainment, we have different shows that will suit your budget, book here

Do you want to live in an ideal world? Princess Jasmine from Aladdin arrives in all cities in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach  with her magic carpet to spend your special day. Aladdin princess has a beautiful jade suit with lots of gold details and an amazing hairstyle with her long black hair. She came from West to Palm Beach to impress you with her lovely show. Princess Jasmine is charming when treating kids, she always wants to tell the antics of her tiger Raja, to hire this beautiful princess book here: Do you want Jasmine to come with her prince? She may be accompanied by Aladdin, a very joyous young adventurer prince who loves to fly on his magic carpet. This prince has a magic lamp where you can make some wishes, hire him here: Our Aladdin characters are waiting for you, so you can hire them right away  here…

The show of this perfect Aladdin duo will be an incredible addition to your party or event, we have prices for all budgets. Princess Jasmine will always be there with the birthday party princess, she will show her some dance moves and choreographies and they will sing A Whole New World together. Princess Jazmine from Aladdin will also tell all the little kids about her adventures with Aladdin and friends, she will meet all your friends and they will all be enchanted by the magic of our Aladdin characters. Get to know this incredible production of Jasmine and Aladdin by hiring here:

Live a fantastic Frozen adventure with Elsa, she came to Doral from the kingdom of Arendelle to refresh you with her power. This Frozen princess will impress all your friends with her beautiful light blue dress with silver sparkle. This beautiful frozen princess has blonde hair with a braid and will captivate everyone with her power. She is always ready to sing her favorite song, “Let It Go”. Kids Fairyland also has the most lookalike dresses from the two Frozen movies, to hire Elsa in the traditional dress from the first Frozen movie,  book Do you want to hire Elsa in her new dress from the last movie? Book here Frozen Princess always likes to be accompanied by her younger sister Anna from Arandelle. This beautiful princess is very funny, she is always happy with everything and is also very entertaining. Princess Anna will sing with Elsa, “Do You Want to Build A Snowman? Book Princess Anna in her traditional dress from the first  Frozen movie here To hire Anna in her latest dress from the last Frozen movie book here These Frozen Princesses can go to your party or event with their favorite friend character, the snowman Olaf, the most beloved characters by all children. Olaf is waiting for you, let’s share many adventures together and book this snowman here We also have many more characters that can go with the princesses and Olaf to your birthday party or event. We have Kristoff, the most adventurous character, he comes from Arendelle to spend great moments with your guests in Fort Lauderdale. You can hire Kristoff in any of his two costumes. To Hire Kristoff in his traditional costume book here and to hire this Frozen character on his clothing from the last movie book here Lastly, we have the villain from the Frozen movie Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, to hire Prince Hans from Frozen, book here

Experience magical and frozen adventures with your favorite characters of the moment, all of our Arendelle characters come to share incredible moments with you and your friends, Hire Frozen Characters here Kids Fairyland also offers different shows for all types of parties, events, non-profit organizations, among others. Kids will play, jump, dance, and sing all musicals. All your guests and little ones will spend unforgettable moments with this fantastic live show, do not forget to book this amazing Frozen Show and Proditciton by clicking here

The tangled princess with the magic hair, also wants to experience with you a thousand and one adventures at your party or event. Princess Rapunzel is a princess with noble feelings, innocent and beautiful. She has a beautiful purple dress and fills her beautiful long blonde hair with many roses. Princess Rapunzel for hire is very charming with children, loves to spend pleasant moments and is very nice and sociable. book this lookalike princess here The Tangled Princess has a handsome companion named Flynn, a young man with charming eyes, in a casual suit with brown boots. These Rapunzel characters are always ready to play with the birthday girl, you can hire the tangled prince here  We also have the evil witched from the Tangled movie, Gothel who posed as Rapunzel’s mother, to hire this evil Rapzuel character book here

The Rapunzel Characters are fantastic, kids will spend beautiful moments with your favorite Tangled characters and your favorite princess. Don’t wait to Sing with all of these characters “I see the Light” Book our characters by clicking here You will love the live Rapunzel show from start to finish, it is a beautiful production that we have prepared especially for you, our tangled princess is ready for hire and to spend the most important day of your life full of fun and much joy. Everyone will dance, sing, play and share many adventures with these characters, we have various shows and you can hire any of our shows here

Princess Sofia The First is the youngest and most beautiful princess. The little princess is looking forward to meeting you at your birthday party or special event. She is very tender, innocent and very beautiful. Sofia The First has incredible stories to share with you and your guests. She has a beautiful and amazing purple dress with white details, a beautiful silver necklace with purple charms and a beautiful silver crown in her hair. She is very polite, likes to play with everyone and is always willing to share moments with the birthday girl from start to finish, hire this princess here

The Live Princess Sofia The First Show is so much fun, all the children will participate, nobody will stay in their seats or get bored because she knows how to entertain kids. There will be a royal ceremony, coronation, dances, choreography, personalized games, and princess Sofia will sing you the happy birthday song. What are you waiting to have an incredible time with this amazing entertainment and production? Share your special day with Sofia and hire this young princess

Our princess Snow White comes to Boca Raton to spend your kids’ birthday party or event with you. On this day, you will have a great time with your favorite princess. Snow White princess is ready for hire, always wearing an impressive blue, red and yellow multi-colored dress, she has a red bow on her short black hair. She is one of the most beautiful princesses in all the castles. Snow White has a magical voice and loves animals, you can hire this beautiful and classic princess of all the times here Snow White met her prince Florian when her evil stepmother poisoned her with an apple. This handsome prince is the perfect duo for your princess’ birthday party. The Snow White characters will be in charge of all the entertainment and your kids will have an incredible day. Snow White’s Prince has a beautiful and elegant white suit with gold and red pants, he is ready for hire by clicking here If you want to have all the characters of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can also book the evil witch, the malevolent stepmother who tried to poison Snow White Princess for being the most beautiful, you can book this character here

Our Snow White Live Production is fantastic, this magnificent show will surprise you and everyone at your birthday party or event, we have many surprises to share with you and your friends at this show including games, surprises, accessories, dances, musicals, choreography, face painting, the royal coronation, among many other things. In this princess show, children will be with meet all the Snow White characters and are ready for hire by clicking here We have all types of special shows for you that will suit your budget, just choose the best princess show package and you will not regret it.

Aurora, the sleeping beauty princess is the enchanted princess character who has fairies who always took care of her and she is ready for hire on your special day. Sleeping beauty princess has a beautiful pink dress, has long blonde hair and wears a gold crown. At the time of the party, this lookalike princess is in charge of the best entertainment. She is a sleeping princess and is ready for hire here Princess Aurora has an evil fairy that bewitched her, Maleficent the villain fairy of the tale is a great complement the party, to book Malefecient book here

The Aurora Live show and production are ready for hire. Have games, great interactions, musicals, choreography, accessories for games, coronation ceremony, we have everything your party needs. Book your date now, we have affordable prices, do not wait any longer. Book the best show in Weston here

The bravest princess of all the times comes to Coconut Grove for adventures. Princess Merida is a red-haired princess, she loves to practice her favorite activity, archery. This princess from the movie Brave has a long green dress with gold details that allows her to do any activity. This Scottish princess is very fun and entertaining, she is very kind to children and makes them feel super special, especially on their birthday party or special day. Hire this lovely princess character here

We also have a special show with this beautiful freckled princess, Merida always has a new adventure with her horse Angus and her little brothers. The Scottish Princess is free-spirited, likes nature and is ready to spend an amazing day with you. She will play alongside the party queen, they will sing together and with you and all your friends. Princess Merida from Brave will take many selfies and dance until their feet hurt. She is charming and Kids Fairyland offers different live shows that will be at your fingertips. Book this amazing princess show here

Princess and the Frog? Yes! We definitely have this African American princess ready for hire. Princess Tiana wears a fantastic green dress with long gloves and a crown. Princess and The Frog is very funny, passionate about cooking and is very dreamy. She has a very noble heart and is very sentimental. You can hire this lovely princess here Princess Tiana comes to Wellington and is ready to meet all your guests. You can play, laugh, dance and sing her favorite princess song “Almost There”.

The children’s favorite Latin princess goes to Pompano Beach and all cities in Broward County. Princess Elena of Avalor can teach you her favorite Spanish words like “Hola”, “Adios” and “Gracias”. She is always wearing a beautiful red dress, has a high train, her hair is dark and she also wears a cute headband. This Latina princess has a goldenrod and she loves animals. Princess Elena of Avalor can be the best ally when having fun with kids because she loves to play with them, tell them about her adventures in the castle among other fun things. You can hire princess Elena here Be part of an unforgettable day with your favorite Latin princess of the moment, do not miss this opportunity to spend a fantastic time with your guests.

All our characters wear exclusive costumes, dresses of the best quality, beautiful wigs and are fully characterized according to the role characters you choose. Remember that we have the most beautiful and lookalike princesses in all of South Florida who will be the best princess entertainment at your party or event. Do not miss the opportunity to see our great shows, our staff is in charge of making the day super fun, special and exciting for all kids and parents. Hire our  princesses shows here

We have our Facebook page where it shows the quality and exclusivity of our characters and our shows, a first-rate production. You can give it a like here: You can also follow us on our Instagram page where we share many stories, please follow us here:

Our years of experience make us the best production and entertainment company for children, just save your date and we will take care of the rest, always making sure your dreams come true. We go to all Florida cities including:

Miami-Dade: Aventura, Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor Islands, Biscayne Park, Coral Gables, Doral, El Portal, Florida City, Golden Beach, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Homestead, Indian Creek, Islandia, Key Biscayne, Medley, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores Village, Miami Springs, Miami, North Bay Village, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Opa-locka, Palmetto Bay, Pine Crest, County Miami, Sunny Isles Beach, Surfside, Sweetwater, Virginia Gardens, West Miami.

Broward County: Coconut Creek, Cooper City, Coral Springs, Dania Beach, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Hollywood, Lauderdale-by-the-sea, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, Lazy Lake, Lighthouse Point, Margate, Miramar, North Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Parkland, Pembroke Park, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Sea Ranch Lakes, Southwest Ranches, Sunrise, Tamarac, West Park, Weston, Wilton Manors.

Palm Beach County: Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Briny Breezes, Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, Ocean Ridge, Village of Golf, Atlantis, Cloud Lake, Glen Ridge, Greenacres, Haverhill, Hypoluxo, Lake Clarke Shores, Lake Worth, Lantana, Manalapan, Mangonia Park, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Royal Palm Beach, South Palm Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Lake Okeechobee & The Glades, Lake Park, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach Shores, Riviera Beach/Singer Island, Tequesta.



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