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Star Wars birthday party

Organizing a children’s themed party is not an easy thing to do, but if you have the steps that you must keep clear, it will be much simpler than you think. And that is what I am going to try to write here today, a summary of all the steps that you must follow so that you have a great party. In this case How to prepare a Star Wars children’s party.

1.- The first thing to know is the theme of the party. In this case, it is from Star Wars. And look for decoration on that theme.

The decoration to make a Star Wars party is easy to find because there are many stores with variety. Order some surprise envelopes with a transparent ball and a Star Wars doll. All the kids will love it.
Also buy a poster, which you can use as a Photocall, where all the guests can take pictures with the birthday boy.

Get a very large Yoda to put candies at the entrance of the house and different space shops to decorate around the area

2.- It is also necessary to look for images, to decorate the glasses, the tables, the gifts, the games, the diplomas. To have everything ready, we advise you to make a list, in a notebook, so you do not forget anything. And above all, make a list with the name of each of your guests.

To find them, you must spend many hours in front of the computer looking and searching. We advise starting a month in advance to find and prepare everything.

For the party to be complete, you must also prepare a series of games that are related with the theme of the party, and think if you are going to need any materials for the games. You can buy churros of those to float in the water, purple, blue, green and 1 red as space swords.

For the cups you can put star wars stickers. You can also affixed to the glass a label with the name of each child, so that they only drink from their cup.

3.- Once the day is getting closer you have to make the invitations, print them and deliver them

To make the invitations you have to download a specific type of letter of Star Wars, and a provision of text like the letters that leave at the beginning of the “films”. A 3D roll.
And in the invitation specify the time, the place and day of the party.

4.-It is also convenient to make a list with the plates of the snack-dinner. And look for tables and chairs so that everyone is comfortable.

Decide what food, snacks, and beverages are you going to serve to your guests.
Once you know what you are going to serve, one week before the party, go to the supermarket and buy whatever you need from food and drink.

On the very day of the party, in order to do everything, you have to ask for help.

If you are looking for some star wars entertainment at Kids Fairyland we have Yoda, princes Leia, Darth Vader, and storm trooper available for your event where they can perform interactive games, face painting, shows and much more!

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